Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I have arrived!

Well, my blogs are migrating all over the place, because it seems I have friends at each of the major blog providers. Here, too.

I'd probably prove myself a liar in short order if I were to pretend that this won't involve a large amount of the magic known as copy/paste, but in this entry, which is the first I've posted in so many places, I've found myself making a lot of tweaks.

It hasn't helped me get comments so far.

But regardless of that, there will probably be more tweaking of things as I become more accustomed to the differences in context.

And this entry is mostly about the amazing day that was yesterday, and that's mostly about an acceptance letter I've been waiting for for a very long time. I think I started in January or February. Elsewhere, I've introduced it with this image, of which I'm really very fond--spiky, three-legged dragons with nostrils match my personal aesthetic very well--the logo of Drexel University. I've applied to their library science program, finally having realized that I am really interested in this, and maybe I'm a little intimidated from the huge differences between this and English, but I am also very, very excited about it and can't wait to start in the fall. They are a local university, in Philadelphia, and Doug will actually be going there too, for his MBA, which is a lot more similar to library science than you might think. I'm also looking forward to having more in common with him professionally.

Other reasons it was a good day? Well, I have a marriage license now, and new glasses (I had my old ones for about four years, and they were so bent up that the local spectacle-purveyors had to bend the new ones a little when I got them to reduce the convexity of the world. It's still a little convex, a little bit dizzying, but it's improved, and I could actually feel my eyes adjusting).

Today promises to be much less eventful, as it will mostly be devoted to getting to Columbus, Ohio. Not that Ohio is a huge tourist destination, but there is a gaming convention there known as Origins at which I plan to spend the rest of the week, and this is exciting too. Mostly I'll be demoing the Nightmare Before Christmas Trading Card Game, which (insert shameless plug here). I've never demoed a game to people before, though I have been on the recieving end of demos, but I expect to enjoy it (as well as the fact that I get to attend the con for free).